Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The Summer Art and Music programme held recently in Ghana was a huge success. It was a great opportunity for a group of creative artists to create Art with the kids in diverse means of expression ranging from Visual Art to Music, Dance and Craft. It provided the participants a chance for intellectual interaction, cultural exchange and visual expression. It was a rare opportunity for artists from different cultures and continent of the world to come together to help kids unlock their potentials.

My friend, da-Costa and I had a fulfilled moments and grace to connect with the children’s aspiration to create Art and the children experienced a unique form of Art from Nigeria. We believe that with our talent cum with our passion, zeal, and drive we can change the world. I’ve always been giving my best to the course of Art.

I am so grateful to Mai for providing me with such a platform to nurture new talents. I respect her for her great understanding of individual differences and her ability to accommodate people irrespective of their race, cultural background and social status.

Many thanks to Hope and Shell for granting me an audience to share my art and portfolio with them; Karen for the beads; Chico for the “gift”; Michael for the tool; and to all member of the team, I say merci beaucoup! You guys are amazing.

I’m most grateful to God for making it happen…

It was a wonderful experience!

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