Friday, December 23, 2011


The art project at the Stephen Center has been so fulfilling and a wonderful experience with the kids this yuletide holiday. All glory be to God for the success of the art project. The kids were so excited to create art, turning their play time to artistic engagement was most rewarding experience as the kids were able to create a handful of art works within five days with three art instructors, myself, Ben and da-Costa. The exhibition was the climax of the project and turned out to be a turning point for most of the kids at the home. To enjoy more images from the exhibition, please follow the link below or you copy it on your browser:

Here comes the last day of the art class but for the kids it should not end as it was getting more exciting for them day by day. The kids can't just have enough of the art project and they found every available space as a means of visual expression, even the chalk board. What I did with my class for the period of the project was to attend to each individual kid's need for expression and help each child to explore their unique talents and style with diverse media. I had engaged the kids with Acrylic paint, tempra pigment, and then water colour. As the class progresses new talents and skills were unfolding, the children tend to enjoy the classes the more and had a lot of fun creating art. I have a strong passion to help each individual kid harness their unique talent, creativity and innate potentials.

Each day, I work with the theme that allows self expression, creativity and team spirit. on Wednesday, the kids worked with the theme "My Happiest Moment" to help the kids keep in memory lane their best moment ever in life and eroding their anger, hatred and forgetting the past pains and hurt. The following day, it was a team work of a visual illustration of the typical Nigerian village.

For me, creating art with the kids is a selfless act and the process help to get over emotional stress, pains, hurts and lead them to the part of HEALING! Through art, emotions that are deep in the mind can rise to the surface. It was a wonderful time for me and the team to turn the holiday time of these kids into creative engagement.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Giving the Nigerian child a chance to create art, especially the less privileged, brings me so much joy... I have a strong passion for art and love to help kids with their God's given potentials, build their creative life and give them form. This holiday period, I am working with VAFRICA to bring Art to the children at the orphanage homes in Nigeria.
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...I will love to do more in the future...God help me!

Friday, December 9, 2011



Art is a veritable means to capture and document every experience in life. I love Art and I am so passionate to share my skills and talent with the young ones… hoping my art will influence a change in the life of each kids that cross my path. In recent time the kids are taking the centre stage of my art as they grace the surface of my canvas and becoming the subjects of my drawings and paintings. I choose to put my expression on a big canvas to challenge and motivate the kids to dare and open their heart to the world of possibilities. My intent to work with the vibrant shades of colours is to capture the heart of the kids to engage in the creative process.

I crave to inspire, heal and improve the quality of life for the children in need through the creative process of art. This painting captures my experience of creating art with the kids at the last summer art class.

With this painting I hope that I can instill a little glimmer of courage in someone to reach out to the less privileged children this holiday. Compliments!

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