Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Every child has some artistic ability and with the right environment and guidance they can discover their inner creative genius. I, Olusegun as an art teacher have a deep desire to inspire an artistic future in every child. I enjoy sharing my interest with others and hope to pass on my valuable knowledge and enthusiasm to foster the unique creativity of each of my students and the children around the world.
My art classes are now made available on you-tube breaking the barriers of reaching the children of the world with my art teaching prowess. Education through the arts is not a luxury but an essential component o f every child’s development. Creative skills help children to cope with the change, communicate successfully and have great ideas.  I hope the clips will ignite the creative energy and sharpen the basic art skills of every kid that have the chance to watch them.
The videos are my features on the Nigerian TV programme “TRIP LEARN” on OGTV and TAAKRA TV. Here are the links:
Wall Clock Design:
Printing on TAAKRA TV:
Mandela portrait 1:
Mandela portrait 2:
Fingerprint flower:
Animal Kingdom:
Textile (tie and dye) 1:
Textile (Hand printed Design) 2:
My Art Class at the V-Africa Art project, Nigeria:
Children Art Exhibit at Abeokuta, Nigeria :
Children Art Exhibit at Bema Home Abuja, Nigeria:

Watch videos live on my channel at: 


The success of education reform depends on high quality professional development; improving the quality of teaching and learning in our schools requires that we provide teachers with time and resources for professional development. When teachers have opportunities to engage in dialogue and reflection with colleagues, share ideas, and collaboratively develop new teaching methods, schools and children reap the benefits.

The roles of Art teachers are vital in the field of CREATIVE ART because they influence the next generation of creative minds and they also play major roles in developing the inspiration for many young artists to pursue career in the arts.
To this effect my organization, ART SCOUT have packaged an art teacher developmental training programme tagged “ART TEACHERS CONNECT in a serene environment that encourages and stimulate creative conversation and exchange of ideas towards improvement of quality of art education in Nigeria, transform the art teachers to increase their capacity and position them as change agents in their local communities. The ART TEACHERS CONNECT tends to reinvent the Art teachers and offer them the edge for excellence performance in teaching profession.
Pablo Picasso said “Every child is an artist; the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. My dream is for Nigerian kids to have access to quality art education through a competent art tutor who will help them maximize their God’s given talent.

I invite you to be part of this great event happening soon in Nigeria, the third edition, please send me a mail to:

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This is a great opportunity to create a secured future for our children by investing in the Art teacher today. Join me, let’s make history together!!!