Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Many years to come memories of time I spent at ANU OLU INTERNATIONAL COLEGE, ABEOKUTA will linger in mind, so also is my achievements with the school. At the end of the one academic year I had with the school I was awarded the MOST INNOVATIVE and DEDICATED STAFF of 2009/2010 Academic Session.
During this period my art students won eight awards at an art exhibition and created online profile for my art students; www.artwanted.com/azubuike, www.artwanted.com/adeyemi, http://www.art4life-africa.ning.com/
My press students’ articles, poems, and short stories have featured several times on the Kiddies column of the THE GUARDIAN, THE VANGUARD, NEW STARS, THE PUNCH, NATIONAL LIFE, THE TRIBUNE Newspapers and the WESTERNER Magazine. Each press member has an e-mail address and were all registered on the online young writers social network, http://www.jetwritersclub.net/.
As an expert blogger, I blog about the school and its activities within the 2009/2010 academic year. It was an update of the school and the students’ activities on the internet. Log on

I can't recount all, the blog i had for the school sure will give vent to it all, please log on

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