Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Informed people today are CONNECTED by the phenomenon of social interaction called FACEBOOK, the public space where ideas of brand exposure, marketing, or what have you could be mooted and sustained. The enormous potential of online social network has driven me to create networks for the NIGERIAN RED CROSS, OGUN through BLOGSPOT, NING, and FACEBOOK. These networks could be accessed on
These URLs will generate a better understanding, effective communication, positive exploration among its members. There is an optimum necessity for this in the new era of global e-community as it enhances each individual contributions and participations. Updates of the activities of the NIGERIAN RED CROSS, OGUN hence will be visible and accessible to all just at a click; thus making NIGERIAN RED CROSS, OGUN a global brand. Please check it out, log on

Internet is burgeoning as a platform for identity branding, documentation and packaging; brand documentation and management as a means of projecting the image of a brand and exposure to global audience. The sites for NIGERIAN RED CROSS, OGUN will yield a great reward in its brand identity interaction and awareness in a global e-community. It will provide for the members a means of interaction, expanding their perspective and increasing their exposure in FIRST AID MANAGEMENT.

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