Thursday, April 10, 2008


One blessed Sunday evening I was taking a walk in a garden endowed with beautiful flowers of exquisite colours. I got to a place where flowers like roses, lilies, daffodils, hyacinths, hydrangeas and honeysuckles flourish and blossom. They reflect a true, deep, pure and everlasting love as I delightfully gazed on them closely.
I moved more closer to smell the wonderful perfume of these lovely and colourfully attractive flowers. Suddenly, from nowhere, a butterfly laid on a petal of one of these fascinating roses. I drew back a little, gazed intently, and I was utterly held captivated and enthralled by the sight of this butterfly dressed in dazzling colour combinations.
The appearance of this beautiful butterfly created a wonderful harmony and added more to the beauty of the scene I was beholding. I couldn’t accurately explain what I saw in words, it’s just too inexplicable and inexpressible. This is far beyond anyone imagination in splendour.
Moments later, the butterfly flew away. I was there standing as I watched it flies away until I couldn’t catch its glimpse anymore.
Then, I remembered my love, my dove; thought of her running back at me like a fast running river. My totality was overridden by her thought. The butterfly actually reminds me of her and the beautiful and colourful atmosphere her coming into my life had created. I said to my self;“Really, my love is this butterflyEndowed with fragrant and vibrant coloursShe is so beautiful and lovely attractiveMy soul crave for herRegardless of colour, race, culture and tradition.”
This said garden to my place of abode is just about twenty minutes walk. I left the garden exhilarated and filled with feelings for her, so deep and true.
Suddenly it started to drizzling, I ran for shelter under an apple tree, as I couldn’t afford to get wet. Under the apple tree I reached for a fruit and plucked it. I ate it and it was so delicious and sweet to my taste. I enjoyed an oasis this finest apple tree provided for me, as I was greatly comforted and refreshed.
As I was reflecting on this blissful moment I had this great evening, her thought again gradually finds entrance into me. Wishing she could be mine for ever and I could find in her a delightful oasis: a place to confide, sheltered and comfort. Not quite long the rain ceased, and I set off on my walk back home. Few steps I took I raised my head to the sky and caught a glance of a rainbow. It was so beautiful, lovely and pleasant to the sight. I saw ribbon of colours; though a rainbow has just seven colours. I saw shades of bright, brilliant, and vibrant hues.As I watched the rainbow closely, I began to critically analyze its endowment of amazing and exquisite colours. Tears started to roll down my chicks. The rain has actually washed away my tears; the butterfly gave me vibrant coloured wings to fly, and the rainbow added more colour to my life.
Then, I heard a voice calling out for me, I turned… open my eyes… ‘God!’ I screamed. I’ve been dreaming! Realization of the fact that all these wonderful moments are just surreal and I’d only been tantalized by the power of dream made me shed more tears.
Right in front of me was my brother; he was actually the one that yelled out for my name trying to alert me for supper. I’d been starving before the short nap but I lost my appetite afterwards. I’ve been satiated by feelings and emotion so pure, true and deep.
It takes and requires only a touch sometimes to hatch an egg. The magic is just that the egg must have been lying there for a very long time expecting, and awaiting incubation. And what do you see after the gentle touch is a chick coming out vibrantly alive.
I stood up and went for the window, I took a peek through the window at the sky and I saw stars, bright and sparkling. To watch closely a glowing and beautiful stars amazingly delighted me.
I began to envision so many things and appreciating wonderful works of creation. This is indeed a walk not to forget and something to cherish

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