Thursday, April 10, 2008


Art Education prepares people for the society, the culture, the world they live in.You would be amazed to know how many adult in our world today who went throughThe normal schooling and never realized their potentials. In a community where attentionIs being given to some subject at the expense of other. That’s why we keep producing half baked graduates who have little or no practical skills and problem-solving abilities.
Our Education should be the one that ensures that our children have access to the best,Most –stimulating and most-rewarding activities that humankind and the world have toOffer. It should be note that Art education helps prepare students to communicate and Express their understanding in a myriad of ways: kinesthetic, visual, auditory, verbal and written modes.
Art enables young people to learn specific knowledge and skills associated with an Art form. The complexity of that engagement develops other sets of skills, and abilities, such as commitment to hard work, disciplined attention to detail, being able to imagine solutions and recognizing ways to turn failure into success.
Art education is not limited to classroom; parents should try and engaged their wards in art related activities that could help build in them technical skills and learn to be creative problem solvers. Art stimulates creativity and promotes critical thinking skills. It is wise enough to turn their play time into creative activities which would open them exploration, innovation, critical thinking and practical skill acquisition.

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