Friday, October 30, 2015

My new adventure: Cambridge IGCSE Art and Design syllabus

My next adventure has made me to explore the British curriculum and by the end of each academic session my Art students will be taking the Cambridge International Examinations, precisely Cambridge IGCSE Art and Design.

My love for teaching the Visual Art has been invigorated and with a great enthusiasm I have embraced the Cambridge IGCSE Art and Design syllabus because it accommodates a wide range of abilities, materials and resources, and allows the different skills of the teaching staff to be fully exploited. The syllabus is designed to encourage a range of skills, it stimulates aesthetic awareness, knowledge and critical understanding of art, and provides opportunities for learners to develop a range of skills.

I love Cambridge IGCSE Art and Design syllabus and I am a proud member of the
Here is my new home, a new studio at CBA, and here I will be preparing students for a certificate that qualify them to study anywhere in the world. This is the future!

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