Friday, July 17, 2015


Clothing influences us, and what we do, positively or negatively. Clothing defines our identity, tribal and cultural orientation, and helps to uphold our cultural values.
My second attempt to make my art accessible and affordable for all is putting my art on ready-to-wear clothes. The clothing then becomes a unique piece of art which can be best described as a wearable art. It is a fusion of art and fashion. The wearable art composed of the Adire background with the infusion of artistic hand-printed designs and patterns inspired by the African traditional cultural elements. 

This is a metamorphosis of the old tradition of tie and dye into a ready-to-wear outfits. It is a fashion concept that incorporated the traditional heritage with the embellishment of artistic cultural designs.
My style of ready-to-wear wearable art promotes our unique ethnicity, cultural identity, and speaks more of our root. It is to be seen more than clothing; it is a work of art. Every design is a master piece because it is made to fit into individual originality and uniqueness. 

It is about promoting and preserving the African cultural heritage through a fusion of ART and FASHION, and to identify with our root through made-to-fit wearable art apparels. The outfits symbolize the priceless beauty of our Africa descent; the fact is that everyone is treated specially adorning in the ethnic apparel with embellishment of hand-printed designs. 

We hope our people as Nigerians as well as an African will embrace this message of promoting and preserving the African cultural heritage through our arts, fashion and designs. It is a fusion of art and fashion, a wearable art for everyone.

A community’s character is indexed into its art and culture. Art depicts the soul of any society. It captures the thought and the ethos of that society. Art remains intrinsically woven into the African cultural heritage and identity.

Art carries and interprets the cultural values, beliefs and practices that construct individual and community identity. Art is my passion, my calling. I discovered early that I enjoy art and my art has been evolving over the years. When I look back at my art, I see a thread of continuity, commitment and progressive improvement over time.

My works are embodiment of quality, creativity and originality. Every strokes, every daub of paint, every allure in my works, reflects the connection to my African cultural heritage. My techniques explore themes dealing with basic human desires and cultural changes, through which I create art with hope of finding answers to most of the environmental issues. The society has been my influence, and nature inspires me.

Functional Fine Art is my new approach to Fine Art. The idea is taking my fine art beyond the aesthetic value by creating art piece with utility value and purpose. It is of making art that are affordable for everyone.
I have made successful exploration with making my art on mirror glass and clothing. 

Olusegun Adeniyi

+234 803 087 4474

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