Saturday, January 7, 2012


The Art project with Volunteer Africa at Bema Home, Abuja, Nigeria came to climax with an Art Exhibition on Friday 6th January 2012. For me, doing this not for the money but for the passion for the Art and love I have for the kids, it was a huge accomplishment in my journey of humanitarian job to see the smile on face of these kids at the Art showing. The overall objective of the project was to provide a platform for therapy and empowerment through visual art for the kids at the orphanage home. At BEMA HOME, we achieved this far beyond our imagination; I shared a passionate moment creating Art with the kids without age boundary, turning the playtime of the younger kids into creative engagement, and proving the older kids with basic skills in art as an empowerment. The joy this brought to the kids at Bema Home and the less privileged young ones in Piwoyi community, Abuja made the sacrifice and the time worthwhile. You may see more images or read more of my posts on Volunteer Africa's web page, click on the links below or you copy it on your browser:

The Exhibition's Album on facebook, follow this link:

My Art Classes at Bema Home's Album on facebook, follow this link:

I would love to touch the kids’ lives across the globe, you could be part of it, and we can change the world starting with a kid. I would love to do more!

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