Friday, December 9, 2011



Art is a veritable means to capture and document every experience in life. I love Art and I am so passionate to share my skills and talent with the young ones… hoping my art will influence a change in the life of each kids that cross my path. In recent time the kids are taking the centre stage of my art as they grace the surface of my canvas and becoming the subjects of my drawings and paintings. I choose to put my expression on a big canvas to challenge and motivate the kids to dare and open their heart to the world of possibilities. My intent to work with the vibrant shades of colours is to capture the heart of the kids to engage in the creative process.

I crave to inspire, heal and improve the quality of life for the children in need through the creative process of art. This painting captures my experience of creating art with the kids at the last summer art class.

With this painting I hope that I can instill a little glimmer of courage in someone to reach out to the less privileged children this holiday. Compliments!

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